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SATURDAY, APRIL 12th, 2008: The Light Box at Miami Light Project is pleased to announce WIRE WIRE WIRE, a one-night-only multimedia installation by Miami-based artist Federico Nessi. Admission is free and open to the general public. The event will include three performances orchestrated by Nessi: video-based WIRE WIRE WIRE, dance performance PARRUCCA, and a special musical presentation by the band ELECTRIC BUNNIES.

The reception will take place on Saturday, April 12th from 8-11pm, with the Electric Bunnies at 9pm and PARRUCCA, by performance artist Ana Mendez at 9.30. WIRE WIRE WIRE begins at 10pm. Miami Light Project is located at 3000 Biscayne Blvd, #100, Miami, FL 33137. The reception has been graciously sponsored by Sweat Records.

WIRE WIRE WIRE itself consists of a three-channel video projection, a light sculpture installation, and the performance of an original soundtrack, created in collaboration with local musician and producer Alex Senf. The video component -focuses on the exploration of the psychological dynamics that exist between three characters, their wishes, anxieties and interactions. "The camera becomes a sort of silent analyst where unnerving self--revelations become apparent as psychological shifts occur," Nessi states. Initially, the relationship between the figures is meant to be elusive, and as it progresses the viewer will be transported into the mind of each subject, offering clues to their distinct personality traits and to the correlations that exist.

Certain elements of WIRE WIRE WIRE refer to the theatrically staged works found in the films of Lars Von Trier as well as aspects of psychological thrillers. The accompanying original audio track, performed live by Nessi and Senf, will add a sonic element to the video component. The multi-layered performance aims to deliver the audience to an inner space where the surreal, the raw and the poetic create senses of hypnosis, bliss and discomfort.

Accompanying the video and audio will be a hanging sculpture. Consisting primarily of light tubing, it conveys connecting points, both elusive and elucidating, as though the light sculptures can both obscure the subjects of the film while revealing their common threads.

In PARRUCCA, Ana Mendez explores the distortions of self-imagination through a corporeal expression of the rhythms of one's inner-soundtrack. Using structured improvisation, Mendez blindly plows through space under a flowing cassette-tape ribbon wig in a tantrum that is raw and relentless. Mendez collaborated with Nessi and Senf on the accompanying audio track.

Opening the night, the ELECTRIC BUNNIES are a musical trio from Miami that make noise-driven sludge-pop. Their performance will merge blinding light and droning sound.